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MagnoMet 200

MagnoMet 200
MagnoMet 200
Item No: 162072


Ferromagnetic carrier sheet for Paper/Cloths, 203 mm. MAGNOsys Magnetic System is a magnetic-based system used in conjunction with both abrasive papers and polishing cloths. MAGNOsys consists of two components. The first is MagnoFix reusable, long-life magnetic discs. With a self-adhesive backing on one side, the MagnoFix disc can be used on any conventional platen. The second component is the MagnoMet or MagnoPad, a bimetallic platen that is used between the MagnoFix and any self-adhesive backed abrasive paper, polishing cloth or any consumable of choice. MagnoPad has a special coating that allows easy removal of the cloth or paper. MagnoDisc is a ready-made magnetic platen. MagnoFix is already attached to an aluminium platen, ready to use with MagnoMet.


Description Specification
8 in [203 mm]
Carrier Plates